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In this collection of articles we tell the story of Iyengar yoga in Scotland. How we grew from small beginnings, about our dedicated teachers and our close links with BKS Iyengar and the Ramamani Institute in Pune (which also celebrates 50 years in 2024).

As Iyengar students reading these pages you will have started your yoga journey at different points in our 50 year history. All of you will have your own stories and memories and we would love to add them to our archive.

You will be able to add comments on each article.

Did you teach or attend classes in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s?

Do you have any old newsletters or photos or did you write an article yourself? Don’t forget the 2020s and lockdown.  

Do you have any photos or stories from your first trip to Pune, or your first convention, or any personal memories of Mr Iyengar or any inspirational teacher?

A Big Thank You to Elaine Pidgeon on her Retirement

After more than 40 years of dedicated involvement in the UK Iyengar Yoga Association, Elaine has ret…

In Memoriam Meg Laing 

We are deeply sad  to say that our  dear friend and  yogini, Meg Laing, died on 5  January 2023. Meg…

Exploring Gomukhasana

Taught most commonly in its ‘arms only’ version, full Gomukhāsana is a marvellous pose, and one that…

National Iyengar Yoga Day 2020

The fifth National Iyengar Yoga Day took place on Saturday 18 January and was our biggest yet.

Boaty Weekender

In Summer 2019, Glasgow-based teacher, Frances McKee was invited to teach Iyengar yoga and play with…

Iyengar Yoga at Festivals

IY(UK) teachers represent Iyengar yoga at a growing number of festivals around the UK and Ireland ev…

National Iyengar Yoga Day 2019

Saturday 19 January 2019 was the fourth National Iyengar Yoga Day, with more than 75 events around t…

National Iyengar Yoga Day 2018

On 13 January Institutes, Affiliated Centres and Teachers in the UK and Ireland organised events aro…

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