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Convention 2011 Strathclyde University

Mary Mulligan

Despite worries that members wouldn’t travel so far North for a Convention, this year’s event with Jawahar Bangera in Glasgow was particularly well-attended. Lots of people did travel to Glasgow and, of course, there are lots of lyengar practitioners who already live there! The 2011 Convention had it share of technical difficulties; car-parking, finding our way around the campus and a faulty microphone. However, as always, the brilliance of the yoga shone through and made it a weekend to remember. Jawahar is a truly inspirational teacher and he made all of us work very hard indeed; we suffered, we moaned, we cried out in pain and we felt brilliant afterwards. We present here a few snapshots of the Convention; there are many more pictures on our website, where you can also find pictures from other conventions.

Scenes from the T-Shirt Stall

I was delighted when Judith Richards asked me to become a member of the Events Committee and this year’s Convention at Glasgow was my first year as a member of Events. Previous to meeting at Glasgow, the Events Committee (Judith, Patsy, Jess, Isabel and myself) had been corresponding via Skype calls and email so it was really nice to meet everyone in the flesh on the Thursday before the Convention.

It was really good to have the whole of the Thursday to get ready and my responsibilities included the signage and the t-shirt stall. Valerie (our woman on the ground in Glasgow) had warned me that some of the signage would be on the main road and could well get ripped down on Thursday night (it’s the new Friday night) so therefore I needed to think about bringing extra signs. I took my responsibility so seriously (well, too seriously) when it came to sticking up the signs. I had bought special adhesive which proved to be industrial strength especially when Patsy (no weakling) discovered I put a wrong sign up and she tried to take it off. Those Glasgow weekend party goers were going to be no match for the lyengar Convention.

And so to the t-shirt stall. We were all trying to do everything at once and I managed to slit my hand with the scissors while Judith and I were putting up the banner. Walking around with a scrunched up tissue dripping blood, it was not a good look for the purveyor of t-shirts. “It’s alright, you don’t need to hold it up for me. I’ll manage fine.”

On the Thursday night, we were due to eat at the University but due to a, let’s call it a communication challenge, we all ended up going to a brilliant cafe/restaurant that Jess’ friend had found. They managed to cater for about 50 of us, providing lovely food, great atmosphere and wonderful service.

One of the huge benefits of sitting at the t-shirt stall, was being able to meet and talk to loads of people. And I got to talk to several young women from Scot land and this was their first Convention. They loved it and it really brought home to me why it is important to be able to take the Convention and the teachers to different places, giving new people access to the Iyengar teaching. I am sure BKS would approve.

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