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In Memoriam Meg Laing 

Katie Rutherford

We are deeply sad to say that our dear friend and yogini, Meg Laing, died on 5 January 2023. Meg was one of the pioneers of the early, heady days of Iyengar yoga in Edinburgh – she started in Oxford as a student in 1972 and went on her first visit to Pune in 1977, when she was only 23. It was the early days of the Institute there and Guruji awarded her Introductory teaching certificate at the end of her stay. She never got over the surprise and the delight on her face showed every time she recalled it!

From its opening in 1980, Meg taught at the  Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre. Over several  decades, in collaboration with her close friend and  colleague Elaine Pidgeon, she helped to train many  dedicated students to become teachers.  

Meg was irrepressibly enthusiastic and positive  about everything. It was impossible to be grumpy  around her – she just lifted up your spirits, put a  positive spin on everything and was consistently  encouraging and supportive. And she was so  intelligent, efficient and articulate. Her contribution  to the assessment and teacher-training aspects  of the work of the IY(UK) was immeasurable; the  most recent of which was co-writing the amazing  Mentoring Manual with Kirsten Agar Ward. 

Bob and Kathy Welham recall Meg’s early role  in their campaign to introduce Iyengar yoga to  Scotland. “We talked to Mr Iyengar about it and  were always writing to update him. He wrote back  with advice, encouragement, congratulation or  consolation, and promises to visit that he was careful to keep. He loved the idea of it being a new frontier – and Meg was such a buoyant member of our little band of  Iyengar pioneers.” 

This Scottish poem is beautifully apt for Meg. The way she dressed and the way she was gave her a kind of timelessness. She was in and of her own style and era. Her clothes were so Meg – colours, styles and shapes all particular to her. We can just imagine her in a silver dress, golden shoes, a sparkling necklace made from the dew and a coat from the rainbow, riding the wind  through the wall at the world’s end. The wind  seems like her element. 

There are no words to say how much we shall miss  your warm presence, Meg. But they say people  leave presence in a place even when they are no  longer there and we shall feel your presence always  in our treasured Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre  where you practised and taught for over 40 years.  

Meg Laing, 10 May 1953 – 5 January 2023

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