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One Year Old – Glasgow & West Of Scotland Iyengar Yoga Institute

Helen Graham and Fiona Dewar

Our new Institute began with a group of enthusiastic practitioners a beautifully designed logo and a day of inspired teaching with Jeanne Maslen in November 05 (above). Since then we have been very busy organising events for beginners, experienced bodies and the first teachers training course since 1991.

The monthly course run by Gordon Austin (below) had applicants from all over Scotland and we are pleased to have 15 dedicated trainees who will take lyengar Yoga to the outer corners of Scotland!

We have had the support of several experienced teachers over our first year and our membership has grown we now have over 120 people as members, attending GWSIYI workshops and classes. We gained 3 new teachers recently so we now have II registered Iyengar Yoga Teachers and more will follow to take Guruji’s brilliant teachings to the people in Scotland.

We celebrated our first year on ropes! A weekend with Sheila Haswell using ropes on school wall bars, for many people it was their first time on the ropes….it was a great weekend. The last year has seen lots of hard work and dedication in laying a strong firm foundation on which our yoga community can grow and spread…as Guruji says ‘Words cannot convey the value of yoga – it has to be experienced.’ It is hoped that our new Institute will give people the opportunity to experience lyengar Yoga.

Our wider community is always welcome so if you find yourself in our part of the country please do come to class our website is

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